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Live Worm Farming Kits – Worm Farms let kids of all ages enjoy observing worms as they go about their amazing daily business. A great opportunity to learn more about a worm's importance in our ecosystem. A worm's burrowing action and feeding habits (worm composting) enriches the soil and helps plants to grow healthy and strong! Our Worm Farm allows you to see right into the wonderful World of Worms, a world that is usually hidden in the secret depths of the undergrowth, making learning fun!

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Worm Farm Kits
Worm Farm Observation Kit for Your Worm Lesson Plans
Worm Farm Observation Kit for Your Worm Lesson Plans
Fun Worm Farm Observation Kit for Children! These 8x3x6 Worm Farms let kids of all ages enjoy observing the weird and wiggly world of worms as they go about their amazing daily business usually hidden in the secret depths underground, making learning fun! A great opportunity to learn more about a worm's importance in our ecosystem. BEST VALUE: We include more helpful supplies than anyone, so you have the best experience. You get: bag of organic soil, grass seeds, sand, pipette, magnifier and easy instructions. Ages 6+ with parents help. Find your own worms, order them later for $6.95 with the certificate, or get LIVE WORMS shipped with your farm! Please do not order live worms if below 40 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area. Our live arrival guaranty will be void if ordered during these temperatures.
Kit with Certificate for Worms
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Kit with 20 LIVE Worms Sent NOW
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20 Redworms Refill
20 Redworms are plenty for our Worm Farm Kit. If you are ready to re-start your WormFarm or have your own Habitat for worms, you can get more worms here!
Book: "An Earthworm's Life" by J. Himmelman
This book describes, in simple text and illustrations, the daily activities and life cycle of the earthworm. Great for any worm life cycle studies. Simple narrative nonfiction. Meets National Curriculum Standards for: Science: Life Science. Paperback. Reading level 5 and up. 32 pages.
Marty McGuire Digs Worms!
This exciting book is about a 3rd grader who creates a worm compost farm that will turn the leftovers from the school cafeteria into fertilizer. Fits perfectly with any Earth Day activity or unit that a teacher is planning. The whole book is about science experiments, inquiry, observing, and journaling. Believable and endearing characters in a realistic elementary-school setting. Ages 4-8. Preschool–3. 176 pages.
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